Brightlingsea Against Live Exports

Bale Statement

BALE was formed following a meeting of Brightlingsea Town Council during which several people expressed concerns over the commencement of live animal exports through their town.

Following the meeting several local townspeople, including two town councillors, met together and decided to form a group with one voice to easily express the majority views of the town.

The name BALE was adopted, to stand for "Brightlingsea Against Live Exports", and a spokesperson was nominated to deal with the large influx of local and national press enquiries.

The primary concern of BALE was to keep people in Brightlingsea updated with regular information about local demonstrations and also the issues surrounding live exports. To do this BALE initiated a series of newsletters and telephone information lines. They also held regular large public meetings to ensure that what they were doing was what the majority of concerned citizens also wanted.

The presence of BALE provided a focal point for press, Police and public alike to liaise with, and facilitated the biggest anti live export demonstrations ever witnessed in the U.K.

The success of the campaign (Live exports ended through Brightlingsea in October 1995) was due mainly to the dedication and compassion of the people of Brightlingsea.

BALE have always felt that theirs was a community based action, but without the help of many non locals who campaigned alongside us, we surely could not have been so effective.

Statement submitted to David Ames for a photographic exhibition in May 1996.