Battle of Brightlingsea

May 24th 1995

A major step was taken today, when the first batch of complaints against the Police, from the first week of the protests were handed over to the Inderpendent Police Complaints Authority. PCA members will now read all 27 reports, and then either pass them on to the Crown Prosecution Service or back to Essex Police. Any reports passed on to the CPS but rejected, will go to Essex Police for internal disciplinary action. A total of 72 formal complaints, alleging assault, minor injury and rudeness, have been recorded, 36 have been informally resolved. A separate report is still being compiled investigating Police tactics in the first week, when Police wore riot gear.

Live export convoy

3 lorries of sheep came through Brightlingsea today 0730hrs. A Church Treasurer and former Policman was arrested at the port gates as the convoy went past. Peter Bedwell, 61, was taken to Colchester Police station and cautioned for wilful obstruction, he was among 60 protesters, Mr Bedwell also a former postmaster, said: "I suppose it was inevitable, I have been there so many times, I have only missed one day."

Peter Bedwells Arrest Police at the port gates

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