Battle of Brightlingsea

June 1995

On a visit to All Saints Churchyard, Brightlingsea, Mark Whitfield's aunt realised how overgrown the war veterans graves were. The grant allowing for the maintenance of these graves had recently been revoked. One afternoon during the week before the Golden Victory Day celebrations, B.A.L.E. members tended 37 Veterans' graves, by marking, clearing, cleaning and laying flowers on each grave.

A relative, visiting one of the Veteran's graves on Golden Victory Day was greatly moved by the actions of the B.A.L.E. members.

This poem is called On the Eve of Golden Victory Day

Friday night saw something I never thought to see,

Protestors in the graveyard digging for Victory.

With warriors graves untended, a lot of work was done,

To tidy up their resting place. Well done to everyone.

written by: Norma Langley, Brightlingsea.

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