Battle of Brightlingsea

1st September 1995

Today was a busy day, as the live export lorries came into Brightlingsea. The protestors were at the Community Centre and wanted to try to stop the lorries from getting into the port, while the tide was still high. The ship called the Caroline was in the dock, but the tide was on the turn. The trucks were a little late and if they could be held up for a little while, the Caroline might miss the tide and not get out of the port. A sit down in front of the trucks was organised by some of the protestors. It had been organized before on previous occasions and the police did not like it. They had to pick up the most defiant of the protestors and take them to one side and then, if the protestors came back onto the road again they were liable to be arrested. Most people did obey but today there were arrests and complaints against the police for using too much force.

Also today, Councillors, local dignitaries and guests were celebrating the tradition of bringing in the oysters. The dignitaries and guests had lunch aboard a sailing barge, they then came into Brightlingsea town and then proceeded to Colchester.

The protestors decided to have another demonstration at All Saints Church, which is on Church Road, the main road out of Brightlingsea. This was because they had not been able to stop the convoy from getting to the Caroline ship, before the tide went out. They intended to show the V.I.P's a "BAN LIVE EXPORTS" demonstration.


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