Battle of Brightlingsea

4th September 1995

The two photographs below show Isla and her companions during the demonstration at All Saints Church on 1st September. Isla took part in as many demonstrations as possible and was arrested many times, but she would not give up. She was an inspiration to many from the town, was strong willed, and gave many people courage and confidence to protest against live exports.

Isla with her friends A joke is shared

The remaining photographs on this page, show the events that took place during her arrest later in the day. The convoy moves towards the port. On the left, the first photograph you can see is Chris Flood, in his wheelchair, being escorted by the police on their motorcycles. He was at the very start of the live animal exports through this town. Chris was instrumental in stopping the very first live export lorry to come through Brightlingsea by throwing himself in front of it. The second picture shows the confrontation between Isla and the live animal export lorry. This is a typical arrest of Isla. Two policemen to bring her down, handcuff her and put her in the lockup. Onlookers complained about the rough treatment given to Isla and other teenages on many occasions. Official complaints were never upheld.

Chris Flood boy racer

Being put in the lockup

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