Battle of Brightlingsea

2nd october 1995

Today a public meeting in the Community Centre with the police and council members. The meeting became heated and half of the demonstrators walked out. Some demonstrators then decided to take direct action and made a protest by climbing up on to the roof of the Community Centre, while the meeting carried on inside.

The meeting went on with discussions on all sides, but the protestors were not happy with the results. Animal rights' protestor Derrick Day collapses at the meeting and later died. Derrick had been vocal at the meetings held in Brightlingsea and also supported the demonstrations on many occasions.


As Derrick Day was taken from the Community Centre, the rooftop protest fell silent and nearly came to an end, but they decided to carry on with the demonstration. Later that evening the rooftop protest ended and some of the protestors were then helped off the roof by the fire brigade.

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