Battle of Brightlingsea

Thursday 2nd February 1995

The live export lorries came through the town at 0715hrs.

The police held up the lorry convoy this morning, as a candlelite vigil was held for Gillian Phipps, a young mother who died under the wheels of a live export lorry while protesting against live exports at Coventry Airport.

The community was shocked by the tragedy. "There but for the grace of God."

candlelit vigil candlelit vigil with lamb

candlelit vigil with police

A police escort was always present whenever live export lorries came into Brightlingsea, for the safety of all concerned. Brightlingsea roads as you can see, in the photographs are narrow and the lorry convoys took up most of the road.

candlelit vigil with trucks


Everyday traffic along the route was either halted or held up to allow the convoy access to Brightlingsea Wharf.

sheep in trucks

Everyday there were protests on the one road into Brightlingsea..

.trucks police in line

VG van with police

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