Battle of Brightlingsea

25th October 1995

Some posters in Colne Road displayed by residents.

An ordinary day, an early morning protest, except this turned out to be the last live animal export from the town of Brightlingsea.

The campaigners had won their battle. In total 250,000 animals had been exported through the town. The protest had been going on for over nine months, every shipment of live exports was accompanied by protestors.

The reasons given, for the live exports to stop, was the cost of using Brightlingsea port.

The campaigners had made it too expensive by keeping up the protests on a daily basis. The protestors had made sure the convoys could not come through the town at weekends due to the presence of substantially more campaigners causing the police too much pressure and cost. The police decided by the end of June that they would escort no less than four lorries in a convoy, through the town, due to the cost of policing.

Below, the deserted port area, the next day.

The battle of Brightlingsea was over. The next day, 26th October 1995, a rally was held at the Community Centre. Carla Lane addressed the crowd and congratulated them on stopping the live exports. Over the next few months there were more rumours about the live exports starting again, but the convoys were never seen again with live exports in Brightlingsea.

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