Battle of Brightlingsea

Friday 3rd February 1995 .

The police and VG riot vans form a barrier between the demonstrators and the sheep lorries. The Red Cross is present, as they were at all the demonstrations, some arrests are made of local residents.

This was the first full week of live exports through the town, many residents decided to protest, most were surprised by the numbers of police on the demonstrations. Many arrests were made in the first few weeks to try and set a example of what was to happen to protestors. The police set out to arrest ordinary members of the public, to emphasise that next time it could be them.

The arrests shocked members of the community, as they knew that the people being arrested and taken away to Colchester in the back of the VG vans were not trouble makers.

The residents were told by B.A.L.E. that it was costing 33,000 a day, to Police the demonstrations.

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