Battle of Brightlingsea

14th/15th February 1995

An early morning demonstration.

With the agreement of the police, the demonstrators are allowed to escort the live export lorries from the top of Lower Park Road, to the wharf gates.

The demonstrators walk as slow as they can in front of the live export lorries, to try and stop them getting to the wharf in time to catch the tide.

Again as you can see, there are many Police to keep the road open for the live export lorries. The protest is still being well attended by concerned local residents, young and old.

The road at its narrowest point.

The lorries pass close to properties as residents are waking up to another day of disruption to their daily lives.

Children looking out from their bedroom windows are confused (see above photographs).

The lorries have to pass through the town to get to the wharf.


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