Battle of Brightlingsea

30th March 1995

This was an eventful day, a meeting was arranged with members of B.A.L.E. the protesting members of the public and the police for later that evening.

In the morning we saw a convoy come through. In the afternoon a protest at Colchester police station.

This was one of the first times the protest had moved out of Brightlingsea, banners where unfolded outside Colchester police station, the protest lasted from noon until 1800hrs.

The protestors returned to Brightlingsea for the evening meeting with the police and town council. By now the residents had organised themselves around B.A.L.E. (Brightlingsea Against Live Exports.) This organisation held regular meetings in the Community Centre. This became the focal point for information and arrangements and where the protests often started as all live shipments passed this centre.

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